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is it cancer or hernia?

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  • is it cancer or hernia?

    For the past week or so I have been having a pain in my left testicle, or maybe just my scrotum I can't really tell. But anyways it's very similiar to a pain I had about five years ago but never got checked out because I was 19 and too afraid. (there was around the time of all the tom green stuff, so I just figured it was psycho-symatic) But then the pain went away. I have examined every inch of my testicle and cannot feel any bumps. The pain will go away for a while, and seems to subside during the weekend. My job requires a lot of lifting and stair climbing and overall walking. Sometimes it's also hard to tell if the pain is in my leg or somewhere else below the waist. I also have been getting a shooting pain just below my belt line by my hip bone. I plan on seeing the dr. but would like to know what you guys think. It my just be my mind again since my uncle just died of lukemia around the same time that this started up again.