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    About 3-4 years ago (I'm 21 now) i noticed a small "bump" on the left*, outer side of my right testicle. I didn't think much of it until recently after reading an article for school on Testicular Cancer. The article mentioned that a "lump" could indicate possible Testicular Cancer. So, i checked to see if the bump was still there, which it was. So, after getting a bit worried, I did some research on the topic on the Internet (which is how i stumbled across this forum). The bump I have is small and firm and has stayed relatively the same size for the past 3+ years, infact it is quite possible for the bump to have been there for my entire life and i just didn't notice it. I have none of the other symptoms associated with TC (i have however passed a kidney stone, which resembles many of the symptoms of TC). When i was researching symptoms and self-testing, I ran across this article by the American Cancer Society that states:

    "You should be aware that each normal testis has an epididymis, which appears as a small "bump" on the upper or middle outer side of the testis."

    As stated above, my bump is in the relative same location, but a bit further left* (and maybe a bit lower). However, i have read from other sources that the epididymis and bumps on the epididymis are normally located on the back side of the testicle.

    Anyway, I would like any advice as to what this could be if anything and what steps i should take. Thanks for the help.

    ****EDIT: Replace RIGHT with LEFT
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