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lump on lower part of left testi

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  • Scott
    I would ask the urologist about an appointment sooner. In retrospect, I was too patient.

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  • geoffire
    started a topic lump on lower part of left testi

    lump on lower part of left testi

    OK I have always had what I can only describe as a sort of hard bit on the bottom of my left testi, it has always appeared external and seems to part of the tube structure that attaches to the testi, it has the consistancy of cartledge, rigid but not like bone more like the area in the ear hole.

    Recently this has got bigger and after a visit to the docs he said it was most likely a cyst, well since being at the docs yesterday it has grown and become very painfull, it is almost as big as the testi, in fact it feels larger than the testi, my concern is that everywhere i have looked on the internet describes a cyst as a soft fluid fill lump on the top of the testi, this is now very painfull and is causing me to walk like "John Waine" and stoop slightly forward what should I do. I feel that if it keeps growing at this rate it will be so big I won't be able to walk, my doctor has arrange for me to see a consultant urologist but appointment date may be 2-3 weeks away, what is th possibility that this is a cancer, should i see my doctor again urgently and tell him what is going on or am i worrying too much.