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    Hey everyone,

    Im 19 and have had a round ball shaped object on the end of my epididymus on my left testicle for quite some time now. It has never caused me pain and besides this sphere I feel that nothing else is out of the ordinary. It all works fine and dandy. Once in a while one of my testicles is minutely sore (maybe once a month randomly), but I have not noticed that being more on the left more than the right. The ball shaped figure is about the size of a pea. It does not feel like it is directly attacted to the actual oval testicle, but instead as if it were just the end of the epididymus. I have no other lumps or bumps on either.

    I was wondering what the probability is of this being non-harmful from your experiences. I have had it as long as I can remember... atleast back 10 years. So far I have assumed that the doctors would have said something by now because they do the test when they check for hernia (i think) during my annual checkups. I have ignored it until now, but after watching a show about surgerys and cancer I decided to do some research on the internet. My case seems similar to many situations that are non-harmful, but I am still a bit on edge with uncertainty.

    Any comments or suggestions?
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    Chris, i have the exact same thing.

    I have had this small sphere next to my epydidimus for as long as i can remember and it never caused me pain and as far as i know there is nothing wrong with my testicles. It doesn't feel like it's attached to teh testicle right?

    I had it checked by my doctor (I'm 18 btw) and she said it didn't seem like anything to worry about.

    Although i am going to stress that i'm not a doctor, noone on these forums are (always consult a real doctor) my best guess would be that it is a cyst.

    I too have had occassional pain with mine too.

    Try not to stress about it too much, if you've had it for as long as you've said you have then there may well be nothing to worry about.

    See the doctor