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Note about slow Ultrasound referal in the UK

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  • Note about slow Ultrasound referal in the UK

    Guys a quick note about my experience with our NHS.I first went to my GP with a little pain in the nether regions.The Doc said(without even checking my tackle)that I have an infection.I asked for a second opinion and he refered me to a Urologist who did check me out.It actualy took over a month for the meeting with him! He said everything feels fine but booked me an Ultrasound to be sure.After another month of waiting for a date(at which time I was reading allsorts of TC horror stories on the internet)I finaly got my date in another 3 weeks! I was driving myself mad with all the worry and convinced myself I had a whole manner of other symptoms.I went to my GP the next day and asked to go private as I could not wait any longer.He picked up the phone and got me in somewhere the next day!Why did he not give me this option sooner?I had my scan and all was well,no tumour.The scan cost me £90 which is a small price to pay for piece of mind.I felt I had won the lottery when I came out.But if I did have TC I would have had to wait over 3 months to find out on the NHS.That is a scarey thought.Maybe a lot longer if I would have gone with my GP's origional thoughts.If you are going through the agonizing wait that our NHS puts you through.Please ask your GP to go private,it is well worth it,either way!!

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    I guess it depends where you are in the UK. I had my ultrasound a week after the visit to my GP. Surgery came a week or so later.

    Then again, the first GP I went to said she couldnt't find anything , but scheduled me for an ultrasound in 3-4 weeks, so I guess it vries depending on how 'urgent' the GP feels you need it.
    Stage I, non-seminoma (UK teratoma); I/O 23/4/05; All tests negative; Surveillence