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Getting Worried... Please help

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  • Getting Worried... Please help

    Hi guys,

    Here's what Im worried about:

    To start off... I had a hernia when I was young(elementary school), I am now 19. I barely remember anything about it...I had surgery and no problems really since. Recently Ive started to get worried about my right testicle(the side my hernia was operated on).. Ever since I can remember my right testicle always gets inflamed or enlarged at certain times.. for example working outside in the heat etc. Its usually varies between 1.5-2 times larger than my left testicle. There is no pain and if im lieing down it will return to a reasonable size(still larger than left though). When it is inflamed and I touch it... It feels farely solid and I can feel the veins that hold it, are very tight and almost stretched. I have never really been worried about it until recently because I always thought that maybe when I had my hernia repair... the veins holding my testicle were lifted from surgery which may have caused it to be high up and inflamed alot of the time. Its been years that its been like this... Just recently Ive been worried about it possibly being TC as a symptom of TC is an enlarged testicle...( I also thought if it was TC.. and its been like this for so long... I would probably be having alot more problems?)

    Please if anyone has any thoughts on this... please share... I am now just beggining to get worried...

    Thanks alot