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Scrotal lump, detached from testical

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  • Scrotal lump, detached from testical

    Hey all,

    I got kicked in the balls 4-5 years ago and ever since there has been a 'lump' kinda like a 3rd nut. It's on the left side, abuot the size of a large grape or cherry. Squeezing it casues pain and I swear to god every now and again it will get a little bigger or a little smaller.

    I've no idea what it is, and I'm hoping it's just a random lump of tissue that I don't need to worry about.

    I'm only 15 and the thought of running around scraming about my nut lump to my parents and doctor seems a little daunting ATM, especially if I needn't worry and can have it chopped at a more convinient time.



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    Hey Eddey

    It doesn't sound like TC, as its totally detatched from your testicle.

    Needless to to say, you cant rule it out, and if it's causing you pain then the sensible thing to do is to see your doc and get it checked out.
    It'll put your mind at ease.

    All the best