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  • Could it be cancer


    I am a 16 year old male and i have recently had a pain in my left testicle (which has now gone, although the left testicle still feels a little sore) and i have noticed that starting from the top of the left testicle, the tubes leading of it seem inflammed or swollen compared to the right side. I am pretty certain that this has something to do with the pain that i was feeling because it has only affected the left side were the pain was and not the right. I am going to see a doc but i am wondering if it is epididymitis because i have no other symptoms such as pain when urinating, Fever/Chills, Sickness or Red scrotal skin. I checked for lumps on the testicle but found none, it is just from the top of the testicle leading up that is different from the right side. What do you all think?. Could it be cancer?

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    What you describe doesn't sound like cancer, but getting it checked out by your doctor is the right thing to do. Do you have an appointment already? Keep us posted.
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      I will make an appointment first thing in the morning. I am wondering though, my left testicle was fine before the pain, no lumps or swelling but after the pain my left side is larger especially the tubes leading up away from the testical, if it is cancer does it progress that fast, I'm talking twenty four to forty eight hours?

      Thanks again


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        Testicular cancer won't spread that fast. What you have sounds more like an infection but get it checked as soon as you can. Infections can become quite painful.
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          Get to a doctor. It does not sound like TC, but certainly not worth the risk, right? To get more info on testicular anatomy and self exams, visit a great site, attributed to one of our members across the pond, Philly Morris:

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            Also, the left testicle is more prone to benign (and usually harmless) testicular illnesses (Varicocele, Epididymitis, etc) due to blood flow reasons. Let us know what the doctor says.
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              Hi Everyone,

              Sorry i didn't post earlier, i have been away and not had internet access, but i have epididymitis and the doctor also found a small cyst, which he said to regulary check up on. He gave me a course of Ciprofloxacin antibiotics, one tablet to be taken twice a day.


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                Dan I am happy to hear it is not cancer!
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