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    About 4 years ago, I had a skateboarding accident. It was a pretty bad accident, and my right testical ached for about two or three days. Ever since then I have had a small lump on the thing attached to the back of the right testical.

    Now I believe that is the epididymus? Or something along those lines. The lump isn't directly on the testical, rather on the thing that is attached to the testical.

    Prior to ejaculation, the lump swells and gets harder, after ejaculation the lump will go back down. The right testical is slightly larger.

    This is all fine, isn't it? I remember reading that the testicular cancer rarely grows at the back as that's where the "e" thing is, and seeing as the lump gets bigger and smaller, it's more than likely a cyst? I also believe it's possible for these things to never go away. I have also read there has been no direct link between testicular cancer and injury.
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