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Probably not cancer...but still scary.

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  • Margaret
    I of course agree with Fed, he is one smart fellow...and it does sound like you have strained something or have a hernia. This was how my husband described the pain associated with his hernia. Please get it looked at for peace of mind and let us know.

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  • Fed
    Hey Andrew,

    If you have given yourself a self-exam, and have no detectable lumps or changes in the consistency of the testis, then it is unlikely to be TC. It is feasible that you have just strained your muscles in hauling the fridge. Also, if you had a torsion, you would probably know by now, since it causes, like you said, severe swelling and is excruciatingly painful. The pain you feel with suspected TC, if at all, is usually dull with a sense of heaviness in the scrotal area.

    If you have further concerns, I would advise you to go see your GP or a urologist. That usually brings about some peace of mind. I have linked a page with instructions on performing a testicular self exam above.

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  • Andrew T
    started a topic Probably not cancer...but still scary.

    Probably not cancer...but still scary.

    I am 22.

    The other day I was moving a refrigerator and I think I strained too hard and hurt something.

    its been a few days of aching dull pain in my left testie and in my lower left abdomen..

    I read that it could be testicular torsion. I doubt this because the symptoms say its an excruciating pain, to where I'd be vomiting. and it'd be swollen considerably.

    But You can lose a testicle due to torsion if its not treated right away. and it can even happen to no avail . Even in your sleep.

    I don't have a case of any of those symptoms. except one testicle is up higher than the other.

    but it feels heavy like its dragging. but most notably, is the dull achy, annoying pain set into my testicle thats intermittent during the day, on and off maybe every other hour. the pain shoots up into my lower abdomen at times and even a couple times into my kidney and lumbar area. the shooting pains are pretty sharp.

    Does cancer still have these symptoms? There are no lumps found and not much of a cancer prevalence in my family.

    although, I have felt pains similar to this since the age of about 12 on up. but just not as frequent.