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    hey, im new to this, im 17 so yeh...

    since i think i was like 13 or somethin, one of my testicles got bigger, and the other one got smaller, and like thers no lumps or anything, but it feels as if the cord to the smaller one is like snapped or somethin and that the bigger one has a bigger cord...

    ive not gone to a doctor cause im just plain outright scared that he might say the C word, and im just too, well not ashamed, just yeh...well im finishing high school in like less than a month, and i figure if its cancer, i mean sometihng would hav happend a while ago rite? im pretty healthy, but im a bit on the short n skinny side, could that be soemthing to do with like a lack of testosterone from my testicles or somethin?

    i dno, i shud probably see a doctor and i plan on doin so after i finish high school...

    just any information or anything regarding those symptoms of one testicle getting bigger and the other getting smaller and its as if the small testicle has got no cord attached and the large one's cord got thicker...

    one more thing, yeh during that time of 13,14 years old, it was that phase wher people would his other people in the balls for the hell of it, yeh absurd i know, could that hav had an impact?


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    It doesn't sound like cancer but it should still get checked. It's quite common for one testicle to be a little bigger then the other but your situation sounds like the size difference is quite large. Get it checked by a urologist and let us know what you find out.
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