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  • Scared of unknown

    I have found a large lump in my scrotum. It is on the top of the left testicle, but I am not sure it is actually attached to the testicle. I have found that it is not just one mass, but two that are very close to each other. They are like small ball bearings and hard. I do not feel any pain in them.

    I went to DR last Wednesday, and I got the feeling he was not all concerned, but upon my insistence he did have bloodwork taken to run test for cancer markers. I have not received those tests back yet. In the meantime I have sceduled an appointment with a urologist next week.

    Any ideas on what this may be? If it is on the epideral is would that lessen chance of cancer?

    Also, I lost my Mother this year to Cancer, and she lived in rural Ks. I have always felt the Drs did not listen to hear and I believe in my heart that had they looked further into things given her past history she whould still be with us today. That said - I think it is evident I believe that the insurance companies have Drs so tied down and it is all about making these insurance companies money. How do I go about finding out who has the most experience and is the absolute best Onocologist specializing in testicular cancer in Denver, CO?

    I am scared, and I have Dr who had an intern do the initial consultation (I actually felt more in touch and human with the intern). The intern agreed, what he felt was not right. He gave information to Dr, Dr came in and felt and basically said -- What do you want to do "rule out Cancer" (DUH!) and that it could go away in a couple months.

    Does any guy with a lump this big on or near ther nut really want to wait a couple of months and then try to find out what it is?

    Thanks for letting me vent. I would appreciate any feedback and advice


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    Tim, it sounds to me like you should probably go for a second opinion. An ultrasound of the scrotum would be the imaging test to confirm if the lump(s) are fluid filled or solid. (Solid usually indicates TC). TC is almost always attached directly to the testicle as well.

    But, a second opinion will give you piece of mind, and you really should go to a urologist.
    If the insurance is an issue, go to the ER, as I've learned from some nurses on this site- ER's take testicular pain very seriously and you will probably get the US there.
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      Welcome to the forums, Tim. I'm glad to hear you're having these lumps checked out by a urologist, though I suspect you'll find they're not cancer. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the TCRC's self-examination instructions. In addition to the blood tests already in progress, your urologist will likely arrange for an ultrasound if warranted. Best of luck, and keep us posted as you learn more.
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        Thanks for the advice.

        When I made appointment with Urologist I specifically asked for an ultrasound. I am also hoping to get the blood test back tomorrow.

        What has really got me wondering and anxious is everything I have found or been told about other types of masses on the epiditimus and cords is that they are usually soft and painful. My Dr told me if it was infection I would know it because it would hurt like hell. Since these are hard and painless my fear is the worst, but hopefull after Seeing Urologist this Wednesday I will get good news.

        Hard to keep my mind focused right now because I keep thinking about the "What If"


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          Welcome. Condolences on the loss of your Mom. Please post the markers when you get them and take it one step at a time. So glad you moved quickly on this.
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            I received results of blood work today from general physician:

            AFP Serum, Tumor Marker
            DPC Immulite methodology
            Result 1 ng/mL
            Reference interval 0-6

            hCG, Beta Subunit, Qnt, Serum
            Result <2 mIU/mL
            Reference Interval 0-9

            Dr. indicated this was of no concern, and he actually did not seem like it was necessary to pursue it indicating these might go away in a couple months.
            I am not sure I like the prospect they may or may not go away -- I want to know what they are.

            I am also confused -- was all the necessary bloodwork done?
            I keep seeing a reference to Tumor Markers of AFP, HCG, CA-125 and
            LDH (lactate dehydrogenase). So it appears maybe only two of the four tests were ran?

            So, my fears are still not calmed. Is there a possability this could still be cancer?


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              I'm not saying you have cancer I'm simply responding to your question. Not all testicular cancer effects tumor markers, it is possible to have normal blood work and still have testicular cancer. To really put your fear aside you will need to visit a urologist and if he thinks there is any chance of you having cancer he will order an ultrasound.
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                CA-125 isn't a marker for testicular cancer. It is typical to test LDH, but it can be elevated for reasons other than cancer. Your AFP and hCG are normal, which is a good sign, though as dadmo noted, inconclusive. You may still want to see a urologist.
                right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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                  Thanks Guys,

                  Just having someplace to sound off is helpful. I had already scheduled appointment with a urologist last week when this all first came up and asked them to schedule an ultrasound. My appointment with them is Wednesday morning.

                  Thanks for all your support and advice.


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                    Hey Tim,
                    Great job on being proactive. Like dadmo said, not all forms of testicular cancer produce markers, hence the need for the ultrasound. As far as the markers are concerned, LDH is the least precise of the 3 tumor markers because, as Scott said, it is produced by normal cells. It is usually indicative of tumor burden if it is very elevated; however, there are many factors that can increase its levels.
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