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    I couldn't get an appointment with my GP until Monday. So I'll let you know how it goes on Monday.

    Any advice on anything that I should say to the Doc?


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      Originally posted by Jord
      Any advice on anything that I should say to the Doc?
      The Testicular Cancer Resource Center (TCRC) has a great list of questions you can select from at this link.
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        Cheers Scott, I'll check those out. Thanks.


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          I saw my GP 2day n it went exactly how I thought it would. It was a freeeezing cold day, the doctors office was freezin and guess what!? I couldn't even find the lump to show the doc. The doc checked it out n said he cud slightly feel sumfin but was confident that it was nothing at all and dismissed the dull ache's I get as being normal. I mentioned wanting to know for sure and pushing for an ultra sound so I know for sure. He agreed and sent for a scan appointment (which im persuming wil b the ultra sound?). He said it would take around a month for an appointment but no longer.

          Then I go home and take a hot shower, and when I get out and feel down there again now everything is warm I can feel the lump clear as day again. I knew that would happen. Atleast I'm going for a scan, which I persume is an ultra-sound so that is a step in the right direction.


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            When you get the approval for the ultrasound call the facility that's going to do it and see if you can't get an earlier appointment. The doctor is probably right but getting the scan done will help you sleep.
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              Originally posted by Paul54
              We all hope that the worst things that happen are that you have a female technician and a gooey crotch.
              Hahahaha I hadn't thought of that!!!


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                A agree completely with Dadmo. The ultrasound is a relatively fast procedure with minimal set-up time. I would push very hard for an earlier appointment in the very rare chance that TC is present.

                Also, you mention having a hard time finding your lump. I found that it was much easier to find my lump when I was lying down. While standing, it was very hard to find it (I assume due to blood flow reasons) urologist never actually felt the lump himself, and is still to this day baffled I found it. The ultrasound was the deciding factor for surgery.

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                  Jord what did you find out from your scan?