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  • Omg im back

    ok ok i've hand this problem for about 10 months, right about now im ****ting myself.

    I think i was diagnose with testical cancer in the beginning of January. I felt strang pain in my testical in a morning in January i thought it was nothing till it came back. I posted here about 6 months after and i havn't done anything about it. I', only 16 and this is really scarey **** for me, since i had this for a long amount of time. I'm way to scared to tell my parents but i need to before i know i die.

    My symtoms, Testical dropss when im not moving, when im moving it goes back up rapidly. usually the other un infected one if saging down lower, but now when i stand still its the other one, right now i feel pain around or on top of my testical. I havn't pissed blood or anything. i see this blue thing around my testical. it came onto it after a while of having this tc.

    What should i do. i know i have it so i need the best f**king opinion cause i dont wanna die at a young age

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    Originally posted by ithinkihavetc
    I think i was diagnose with testical cancer in the beginning of January.
    You say you "think" you were diagnosed with TC (testicular cancer) in January?
    Did you see a doctor about it? Did a doctor tell you that you have it?

    Do you have any other symptoms, such as a lump that is attached to the testicle?
    I have never heard anyone mention symptoms like yours before, but I'll leave that to the guys on here to tell you if it sounds like something to be concerned about.

    If you haven't seen a doctor, that would be the best way to find out if there is a problem.

    Have you told your parents about your concerns?

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      You posted last February that you were afraid you had TC and we all told you to tell your parents and get to a doc. Guess what? Same problem...same advice. Read this excellent and very timely post by Paul54, and tell your parents....or write them a note to tell them:

      Young men have their own worries. Meet other guys who have been in your shoes! You don't have to be alone in dealing with testicular cancer.
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        Go Get it checked. Mom and Dad will understand, and the docs will want to see you based on your post.
        You wil feel better talking to a doc, and your parents- for sure.
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        Please see a physician for medical advice!

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          You need to get checked! Don't wait. Go to a doctor tomorrow or to a hospital today, there is no reason to wait!

          If you are worried about embarrassment go to your dad before your mom but trust me you will be glad you did!
          Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

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            needs checking

            I would just like to say it is about time you told your parents about your lump!!!!!!
            Believe me you have waited long enough (too long) you need to get it checked out ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I am going to be blunt here , my son was DX when he was 17, he never told me that he had a lump and unfortunatley it was too far advanced. You really need a reality check you are worried about this problem you need to take everybodys advice and get talking to your parents. Please.
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