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  • ongoing ache problem

    I had an accident with my testicles many years ago when I was a teenager.
    This went untreated as I did not tell my parents at the time, I suffered acute pain intermittently in my testicals for three or four years until eventually one day my testicles swelled up and I was taken to hospital in agony. A torsion was diagnosed but unfortunately I had left treatment too late and as a result lost the use of my left testicle (atrophied but not removed). In the years since then my right testicle is super sentitive I cannot bear for it to be touched normally or even to touch it myself with sufficient strength to self examine for testicular cancer. Everything works O.K. sexually and I have since had a child. I have had a CT scan and the testicle is normal and as it should be. I have been to different doctors over the years and they have all told me that it is probably pschological and related to the pain when I originally had the problem. Sometimes when I am tired my testicle feels more sensitive and aches, at these times if somebody accidently knocked against my testicle I would nearly double up. does anybody have any similar experiences or is it all in my mind.

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    Hi Sinbad !!
    I seriously doubt that its all in your mind. Maybe some kind of a nerve was damaged when you had your accident ? Did you see a Urologist and have they ever done an ultrasound? Thankfully it doesn't sound like TC or the doctors would have caught it already ,but still you should not have to live in pain. It may be worth your time and money to see a specialist if the last few doctors have not seen any thing. I can tell you from experience that just because 1 or 2 doctors don't find anything doesn't mean that nothings wrong (it just means their looking in the wrong place/or possibly you may have a problem that they have not seen before). I was told in March of 2005 by my local doctors and surgeons that had been treating me for the last 6 months that nothing more could be done for me. Here I am ,5 months after my wife and family had me transferred to a national cancer institute( Moffitt clinic in Tampa,FL) and my cancer is in full remission. Hope the doctors find what is causing your pain quickly and keep us posted on your results.
    Moffitt Cancer Institute
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