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  • im scared

    in my scrotom there is a small lump about the size of a pea and i think it might be connected to my testicle could it be tc? im rly scared i dont want to dieve had ti for ages maybe even a year but i didnt know it was a symptom of tc before now sumtimes i have a ache in my testicles or maybe its my imagination when im worrying please give some advice

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    The best advice I can give, which I'm sure will be confirmed by everyone else in the forum, is to set up an appointment and have a doctor check you out. Testicular cancer is extremely rare, so it is a very low probability that you have it, but any type of weird lump or bump in the scrotum needs to be checked by a doctor just to be sure.

    The length of time you have had the lump, and also the ache in the testicle, do not say to much about what the lump could be. If it is in fact connected to the testicle as you elude to, only a doctor can tell you what it is. The procedure to check the testicle is 100% painless. Once you get checked out, let us know the results!

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      be sure!

      all I can say is be sure, not only should you see a doctor, try your hardest to see a urologist, they have seen the most testicular cancer and can tell you very quickly how to proceed.

      testicular cancer is rare and very treatable if caught early! everything changes once you find out you have cancer but I just wouldn't want you to be in the small percentage of people who get it and not be absolutely sure.
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