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  • Confused and worried


    I recently found a small lump in my scrotum. I've been reading some of this forum and saw that it's not cancer if it's not directly attached to the testicle.

    How would it feel if it was attached, would it be like a bump directly on the testicle?

    It feels like there's a vein attached to the side of the testicle and then a small kinda squishy lump bon the vein. Could this be cancer?

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    While no diagnosis can be given over the Internet, the fact that you mention a vein makes me think it could possibly be a varicocele.

    A varicocele is a mass of enlarged veins that develops in the spermatic cord, which leads from the testicles (testes) up through a passageway in the lower abdominal wall to the circulatory system.

    Remember only a doctor can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment advice for your particular situation.
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