Let me start off by saying that I think this is a superb site with detailed information. Now, to my question(s) - please bare with me if this post seems lengthy. I am a 21 year-old white male living in Ontario, Canada. I have had no history of previous testicular problems. I am fairly tall, slim and athletic (stationery bicycle/treadmill, running, soccer, basketball). I have been aware since puberty that testicular cancer is most common in younger men; however, I've never really been taught how to do a testicular self-exam. I periodically checked that 'area' to make sure everything was alright but I didn't take note of specific shapes/sizes, which may have been a mistake because it allows a guy to figure out what is 'normal' for his own body and what isn't and to promptly notice any changes.

About two to three months ago, my girlfriend pointed out that my left testicle seems to hang lower than my right and that it is slightly bigger. Common, I know -- but like I said, I never took specific note of shapes and sizes, so I wasn't sure if this was a real change or not. I read up on how to do a self-exam and performed one after a shower. True enough, my left testicle did seem somewhat bigger than my right (maybe about 25-30%). It also seemed to be positioned slightly differently in the scrotum than my right testicle -- not always lower, but angled somewhat differently. However, there were no noticeable lumps, bumps or growths of any kind; the surface was smooth and the shape consistent. That left testicle seemed a slight bit harder to the touch than the right, though it seemed reasonable considering what I had read up on, and I can't say that both testicles were exactly the same shape because of the difference in size, but the shape was very similar in both. There is no real associated pain present. I then went on vacation for a month, and now I'm back...and...

There is one other issue. After a shower, when my scrotum is relaxed, everything looks fairly symmetrical and similar in size, and there are no bumps or lumps to speak of. However, when in a regular/dry state, apart from not hanging as low/freely as after a shower, the two sides do not seem symmetrical. The left testicle seems to be leaning outward more, while the right seems to be more vertical (straight) in its positioning than its counterpart, producing an effect that makes the left side look bigger. And, the skin near and under my penis on the upper left side of my scrotum seems somewhat rippled and rigid, while the right side is much smoother. There are still no lumps or bumps to speak of, but with the left side looking bulgier, I have to wonder whether there's an accumulation of fluid, whether my left testicle has increased in size, or whether it's always been somewhat larger.

I've arranged to see my GP tomorrow, and I know that it's the right thing to if there are any suspicions, but I wanted to ask a few basic questions. How common is it, really, to have one noticeably bigger testicle? Do both sides of the scrotum have to look perfectly symmetrical, or is slightly different angular positioning of each testicle normal? Is self-examination after a relaxing shower recommended in part because it is easier to access/examine the testicles at that time -- i.e., could I be confusing the normal state of the scrotum, which is less accessibility-friendly, for a buildup of fluid? And what about the rippled skin on one side? The only recent testicular pain I've had was in awkward positions during sex, when my position/weight forced my testicles to "retract" upward into a somewhat painful position, which I immediately corrected. But, I could have injured myself? I just don't know. Any thoughts would be appreciated.