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    I am a bit worried. I'm 18 years old.

    I had a undesended testicle when i was younger, i have a scar on the right side of my scrotum and lower stomach so i guess it was the right one!

    As I've got older tho this testicle has seemed to develop normally while my left testicle seems to have stopped growing, I think it is "undeveloped" it doesn't seem to grow or shrink at any times. It is quite a lot smaller than my other testicle.

    Is this normal for an undeveloped testicle? My bigger testicle is probably about 4cm x 2cm while my other one is more like 2.5cm x 1.5cm i reckon. The right one feels more sensitive but its never had any lumps or anything, sometimes it gets a bit sore but i think thats normal, while my other testicle seems to have little feeling (compared to the other) on an average day.

    Anyone got any info or personal stories on this... or just advice?

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    If you read some of my earlier posts, I was in a similar boat. Trauma and/or undescended testicle are things that can be risk factors, meaning you'd want to keep an eye on it.

    It doesn't mean you will develop TC. Still, my urologist did remark about my asymmetry, so I think it's a good idea just to keep an eye on it. In some cases of trauma, the good testicle enlarges as it grows to compensate for the bad one.

    Incidentally, I think this reduced changes in testosterone for me. Haven't done a test yet, but I believe the righty has been cranking out more since long before I was diagnosed with seminoma.

    Left IO 4/21/05 | Seminoma Stage I |Blood markers normal before surgery | CT scan and xray normal.
    Final day of radiation was June 2, 2005 (15 days, 2500 cGy total). Anti-nausea drug of choice: Zofran.


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      Hi. I know that this post is over 5 years old now, but I came across it when I was making a search. I'm 23 in Ireland and I have the exact same thing as you describe Baldrick. I have a small white scar on the right side of my scrotum. My left testicle seems to have grown and become bigger and hangs lower, while the other one is a lot smaller and seems less developed.
      It's a long shot that you are still paying attention to this site, but if you are, I was just wondering if you followed up on it at all?
      - J