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epididymal cyst and pain - need advice please

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  • epididymal cyst and pain - need advice please

    One year ago I noticed a small lump on the very top of my left testical,
    The lump was found after I has been experiencing frequent pain there.

    After seeing a Urologist I was sent for an ultrasound.
    The Urologist then diagnosed me as having an epididymal cyst.
    He prescribed anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic medication.

    After weeks, since the condition did not improve, he performed surgery.
    It was done in office since I did not have hospital insurance.
    During surgery, while he had my entire testical out, he said he found and removed a small calcium deposit.

    After weeks of recovery (black/blue and swelling from the surgery),
    the lump was still there (in the same spot) and pain too.

    He sent me back for a 2ND ultrasound.
    The lab report indicated virtually no change in condition from 1st ultrasound.

    The Urologist then prescribed additional drugs
    (consequently, it was the same exact drugs previously prescribed).

    He later indicated there is NO REMEDY FOR MY CONDITION.
    He said the only possibility would be to REMOVE the ENTIRE epididymal cord,
    which would cause sterility in one testical.
    Another option was seeing a pain specialist (IMO what good would that do, the cyst is still there)

    Now after almost 12 months, lots of drugs, and tramatizing surgery, I still have the same exact condition.

    I recently went and got a 2nd opinion, from another specialist.

    The 2nd Urologist did not recommend surgery, but prescribed OTHER drugs
    (anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic, but different kinds).


    I'm confused and frustrated.
    Still experiencing almost daily PAIN, and pretty much lost my sex drive too.
    And as it seems now there is no suitable treatment for this condition?

    From what I have read, epididymal cysts are supposed to be painless?

    What to do next?
    Will I have to live with it for the rest of my life?

    I realize this isnt a forum for medical advice, but if anyone else has a suggestion on where I can turn, it would be greatly appreciated.