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    Hello all! Here i go straight to the point. I visited my doctor several weeks ago for an std check. while i was there he examined my testicles and noticed that the epididymus of my right testicle was swollen. So he prescribed me some antibiotics, thinking it was an infection. A couple days into my medication my right testicle got swollen( I mean it was big). So I decide to wait. So finally when my medication is finished I go back to follow-up with my doctor(by this time the swelling has gone down.)my blood work comes back negative,thank god,but he still notices that the epididymas of the right testicle is still the same size as it was when he first examined it. He put me back on the medication. Now I am starting to feel nausea, some back pain, and little discomfort in my scrotum. Can anyone suggest anything please?

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    I would recommend asking your doctor if he can schedule an ultrasound for you.

    I went through several courses of antibiotics -- none of which worked -- and eventually, after an ultrasound, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

    By no means do I mean for my story to scare you -- there are numerous other things that may be causing your discomfort. However, based on the fact that you came to this board, you're obviously thinking about the possibility of testicular cancer. The stress and anxiety that goes along with it could very well be a cause for some of your nausea and back pain.

    With an ultrasound, you will know definitvely whether you're simply dealing with a nagging infection, a minor cyst, or, worse case scenario, something as serious as cancer. Regardless, it will give you the piece of mind to move forward with your life without the constant worry. And even if it is cancer, we're all living proof that the disease is curable and you will be o.k.

    Best of luck!
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