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  • is this a sign

    i have a pimple feeling thing on one of my testes. I don't know if it is part of the vein or not. what does a lump feel like? thanks

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    Hi, there,

    Any bump or lump on the testicle itself should be taken very seriously and checked out by a doctor. Even if it is on the "tubes" or veins it should still be checked to be sure it isn't something requiring further treatment.

    I have heard "lumps" described in a lot of different ways. Some turn out to be cancer, some don't. The thing is, if it DOES happen to be cancer, it can get bad, fast. You really do not want to take a chance.

    An initial exam by a doc is not very expensive, and it is not painful. It is a GREAT investment in your own peace of mind, if not your life.