Yola, my names Mike. I'm posting this for the third time, trying to get some answers on it besides "I heard about that before, but no details", and "I'm a silent tub, I'm a tub, I don't speak (lol, srry, but I had to say that, LOL)". And although mr.silent_tub has helped me out a little bit, I really need some details on it. I'm not really worried, just really curious. I googled it, and I got ABSOLUTELY NO results on it. Check for youself, go to http://google.com/ and type in +"lumps after ejaculation" (type in the + and the quotations). This is like, weird. And silent_tub, the reason I said not to post is because I'll just get the same answer as the last ones (no offense, I'm not trying to be a dick, well... :-p). Well, I know the only respond I'll probably get is from the tub man, so if anyone else is reading this, give me something. Well, that's it. And don't forget to never cook bacon without a shirt. And don't be a square and post the same thing you did before. L8R