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    Im 15 and i have had this little lumo on my right testie, its in the back and it seems it IS attatched to the testie, and right on the edge of that cord. or epidurmis..whatever its called...ive had it for like 3 years! Ive had physicals each year and i was fine every single year. He didnt really feel for anything he just put his hand under my testi and was like COUGH! I am so scared im just that normal kid out there with a girl and all his friends who enjoys life. Having cancer will ruin my life. Im so scared, ive been crying all night. Im getting it check out soon but i dont know i am so scared :'( so confused..why me


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    If you've had it for 3 years and it hasn't changed, it's most likely not testicular cancer. But you're doing the right thing getting it checked out.

    What your doctor did at the checkups with the coughing was check for a hernia, which is something completely different (but harmless).

    But keep in mind, this is probably nothing serious.. but even if it should turn out to be testicular cancer, let me reassure you that cancer will NOT ruin your life. TC is THE single most curable cancer there is, with a cure rate of about 98% and almost all patients go on to lead normal (and in a lot of cases even better) lives after having gone through it.

    In any case, keep us updated after your doctor's visit!

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