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old lump and new lump...TC?

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  • Don
    It sounds like your husband was as thick headed about going to the DR as I was. I had a lump on one testicle which was found by a doctor about 3 years before I was diagnosed. The DR. dismissed the lump as fluid. Because he dismissed it so did I , which was the worst thing I ever did because it ended up spreading into my abdomin . I have heard of a few instances were it did spread into both testicles but it is very rare. the good news is that if he has had this lump for a long time and hasn't felt any aches or pains in the testicle/groin area or had any other symptoms then there is a good chance it could be a fluid collection. Hopefully it is just fluid . GOOD LUCK!!!!! DON

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  • scmama3
    started a topic old lump and new lump...TC?

    old lump and new lump...TC?

    Hi everyone. My fiancee is 24 yrs old and hes had a lump on his right testicle for about 3 years now. I urged him to go to the doctor when we first found it and they told him epididimitis, gave him antibiotics and sent him home. The antibiotics didnt take it away and he went back. They gave him a stronger antibiotic, and said if it didnt take it away to go to a urologist. Well it didnt and he didnt. So after all this time it hasnt really gotten bigger or sore or anything its just been hanging out down there untill now. Tuesday he found another lump this time on his left testicle. He made an appt for tomorrow with a urologist but we are really kind of worried. My question is... Is it possible to have TC for years and not know it? And can TC spread to the other testicle if not treated? I know that we will no for sure tomorrow but i figured i would try to research it to ease mine and his minds but i cant find a story anywhere where the guy had it for years before finding out and it not spread. Any help would be appreciated. sorry so long also,.