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  • Ultrasound


    On and off for the past couple of months, I've had a barely noticable dull ache in my lower left abdomen and left testicle. .. it will often disappear for a week or so but then comes back. A few weeks ago I also noticed a very small lump near the top and back of the testicle and went to the doctor (incidently I also have an even smaller lump on the top/back of my right one.)

    I went for an Ultrasound and the technician said he couldn't see anything wrong but I'm still concerned that something isnt right.

    I've read a couple of stories about the Ultrasound not sometimes picking these things up and I guess I'm asking what are the chances of this? Should I just leave things to see if it just disappears or go back to the doctor.

    Any comments welcomed!

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    I have lower abdoman pains and my right testicle aches slightly nearly everyday- although my testicle is enlarged (scrotum not the ball itself- hydrocene i have).

    The ultrasound came up with no problems.. just revealed the hydrocene fluids.