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Worried wife.... ultasound on Wed.

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  • Worried wife.... ultasound on Wed.

    My husband has an ultra sound scheduled for Wed. morning. He has had mild, nagging pain in his testical for about 2 weeks. He saw his primary care Dr. last week, she did a testicular exam, but couldn't feel anything. What is freaking me out is that the pain is in is previously undecended testical. When he was a child his mother had his testical treated and it ended up dropping. However, the testical is very small in size (probably a 1/4 of the size of his other testical). His primary care Dr. said that while she couldn't feel anything, she didn't feel ok giving him the all clear, because the testical is so small and she could possibly be missing something. I've read up on testicular cancer on other sites and they all say the same thing about undeceded testicals (or previously undecended testicals)... this is what is really worrying me. Does anyone on this board have any experience with a testical like this?
    Any other thoughts are welcomed as well.