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Concerned, Confused and scared...

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  • Kman99
    Julian -

    Your million thoughts a minute are very normal! And so is your concern about telling your mom/family. At any age that is a tough conversation. I'm 33 and had a really hard time telling my family. My advice...tell your mom!!!! You are doing a lot of good things by educating yourself on TC and by seeing a doc. Continue that maturity by getting your family and friends in the loop. Trust me, they will do a lot more good for you than just 'being in your face'.

    I would definitely see another doc and have an ultrasound. Your situation sounds more cyst like, but w/ your history, it's something you should pay attention to, espec if it's gotten bigger.

    And it's ok to be afraid.......

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  • Julian
    started a topic Concerned, Confused and scared...

    Concerned, Confused and scared...

    My story goes like this,
    I had an undescended testicle at birth and the doctor said it would naturally descend...but it didn't. I believe sometime around 7th or 8th grade I got a second doctor's opinion who said I should have been operated on years ago to bring the testicle down.

    So on and so forth, the operation was done. I kept both, even though I'm not sure if the previously undescended testicle works plumming wise, but it's there.

    Now after that whole dramatic and emotionally rattling experience, I have discovered a lump on my right (the 'normal') testicle that seems to be very wishy washy. Generally is on the upper front, but is decently squishy and seems to move around a bit (not a whole bunch, it still seems connected not just free-floating)

    Now, it has certainly gotten bigger than a couple months ago, and I did go see a doctor (not for this reason) and he didn't discover anything but honestly, I was nervous and the boys weren't really hangin' loose. My concern has come with 1. lumps = bad, obviously... 2. I read a FAQ and it talks all about abdonimal pain and painless lumps on the testicles... but I'm not sure if my current situation is causing me to think I'm having pains because obviously if I wear my belt too tight, or play a contact sport and the boys bang around a bit, I don't feel too hot down there.... but I just don't know what to think.

    I'm 18, and quite frankly affraid to hear what the doctor says... I don't particularly want to involve my family because I don't think I can't handle it myself, let alone 20 people all in my face about it. I'm thinking of setting up an appointment myself without telling my mom... the only thing I'd have to figure out I guess is my medical insurance (which I do have) but yeah... I just wanted to see if anyone had any insight on this.

    I was a little confused because undescended testicles increase your chance for TC, but the lump is on the 'normal' one... I don't know what that means, anyways, just a million thoughts a minute.

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