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    About a week ago I started jogging in order to get in shape because I was gojng to millitary school, that was on a saturday, monday I wake up and notice that the muscles around my hips hurt and that the pain is going to my testicles and abdomen, I also had a big bruise on the side of my abdomen, the pain wassn't to bad so I waited, about4 days later the pain was gone and the bruise was almost healed, then my brother punched me where the bruise was, and the pain started again, since then it has gotten better but I still feel discomfort if I close my legs while sitting down, my testicles aren't swollen and I don't have any lumps or anything like that, what is the cause for this? Could it be a pulled or strained muscle. If anyone could answer my question I would grwatly appreciate it.

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    Yes, it could be a pulled or strained muscle. I would do 2 things. First, tell your brother to stop punching you. Second, if the pain comes back for unexplained reasons, go see a doc. If the military school puts you through a medical physical, this would be a great opportunity to ask their docs about your prior pain.

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