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Just cancelled my U/S!

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  • Just cancelled my U/S!

    Hospital phoned up and said they had a vacancy in a few hours.... however, since i have seen 5 doctors, and they all assured me, i cancelled, feeling guilty now lol.

    The black spots indicate the rock solid lumps which are moveable (to some extent (obviously restricted by their tubes).

    Would i be wrong in assuming that they could cause pain/discomfort in the lower right side of groin?
    Furthermore, one point which i am embarassed to talk to any GPs about...

    I masturbate upto 3 times day, and still have very bad posture sitting for a good 12hrs a day. Is it possible that those two factors, coupled with the fact that i had a hernia where it is aching/minor pain could warrant a muscle strain/weakness which is causing my discomfort?

    Furthermore, i dont know if it is just coincidence, but i started at a gym this week, and right in the centre of my ribcage, at the bottom where my diaphragm/stomach is, it aches and feels sore - just muscular or bad posture??

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    Yes i have some discomfort in that area of ribs, i think i got mine after a chest infection from coughing so hard and much, also i lift allot at my work so probebly just lifting bad, and i have bad posture because im tall i slouch allot while sitting also.