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Help! Quick question. Are my chances increased?

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  • Help! Quick question. Are my chances increased?

    Ugh, first post didn't work, let's give this another shot.

    FACTS: (let's get them out of the way, first)

    - when I was a baby, one of my testicles didn't descend.

    - Doctor said I didn't need an operation and it would work itself out

    - my testicle didn't stay up in my abdomen, but it has lowered a lot. I CAN examine it and feel it, but it just doesn't hang anywhere near the length of my other one.

    - I don't have any indication/lumps, so I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but please help anyway, I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

    Now here's my question:

    Are my chances for cancer increased because of my problem as a child DESPITE my ability to examine myself? I read long ago that people who had that undescended testicle problem ONLY had the higher cancer risk because they couldn't examine themselves as the testicle was up inside them still, so, no way of telling. But, I *CAN* examine myself, and it has descended (a fair bit, at least) to the point of safe, comfortable examining in a warm bath and all of that.

    Are my chances still increased, and is there ANY proof that what I had as a child is an increased chance of cancer, or are they purely basing that on those who couldn't examine themselves?

    Hope you understand my question, and hope you can answer it, guys. THanks a lot!

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    Trezequet -

    Unfortunately yes, you have an increased likelihood of developing cancer regardless of whether they are brought down into the scrotum or not. The fact that you have the ability to self examine is great. Keep doing that!

    Here's a web link to offer some additional information.


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