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  • TC symptoms?

    hey there - I started getting a lower abdominal/groin achy pain about 6-8 months ago on my right side, would come and go which is why i did not see the dr. for so long , well now its more frequent and i have had a couple of days in the past 2 weeks where my right testicle has had sharp pain. I had a lower ab and pelvic ultrasound that was fine, i thought it might be a hernia and also my urine and basic bloodwork was fine. Now my dr. wants me to go see a general surgeon. I do not have any lumps on my testicles,is it possible to have tc with no lumps? Would like to know if anyone has had a similar situation or any questions I should ask the Dr. thanks.

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    In my case, I never felt a lump. Instead, I noticed a slight enlargement and significant hardening in my left testicle. After a testicular ultrasound was performed, it was revealed that a cancerous mass was growing inside my testicle.

    So to answer your question, you don't necessarily have to find a lump to have testicular cancer. That said, there are a number of other things which may be causing your symptoms.

    After discussing the situation with your doctor, he may recommend a testicular ultrasound. If he doesn't, you may want to ask specifically for one -- if for nothing else than your own piece of mind.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck.
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