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  • Don
    Hi Stressedlot,

    Seeing that results of the sonogram came back negative I really don't think you have to worry to much. If you had TC the test would have shown some signs of it( though it can only be confirmed with a pathology report/Post I/O)!! The chances you have TC after testing OK on the sonogram is slim to none. The blood testing for AFP, Beta HCG and LDH is more than likely being done just as a precaution. More info on the blood testing, calcium and Hydrocele can be found @ I know that having symptoms of TC can be pretty scary. Waiting for test results can drive you crazy because until you get the all clear,every bad scenario, and question is going to run through your head. The likelyhood of you having TC is slim to none at this piont. Did the Dr. say what they would do with the hydrocele?
    I think you are going to be just fine!!!

    We'll keep our finger crossed for you!!! Best of Luck!!!! DON

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  • stressedLOT
    started a topic scared!


    okay, so I been having swelling in left testicle, pains in left testicle and pain in left groin....had an sonogram done this morning and saw my primary doc this afternoon(already set ahead of time b/c I was following up for omsething else)...well by the time I saw my primary doc, he got my results for the sonogram of my testicles...

    he said the results showed some fluid sac in my left testicle and said it is nothing too serious to worry about, it occurs in 1 out of 5 men...and my sister in florida that is a general doc said usually that is called hydrocele.

    but what is really worrying me is that, they found micro calcium in both testicles and said it doesn't mean I have cancer, but the calcium is usually associated with testicular cancer...he told me take a blood test for AFP and CGHP (something like that)...blood test that are usually given to people who already have tumor or cancer to check the level of ....I guess seriousness..
    so I took that today and have to wait about a week

    anyways...if anyone can help me with this...please do
    I am trying to make an appt with my urologist, but its hard to do that, cause I have HMO and with this insurance, it's hard to make an appt