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  • There is this lump

    Hey, i have had a lump/ bubble right above my right testicle. i did end up going to the ER as it got as big as a walnut, they did and ultrasound on it and said it is a hydrocele, but all the information i can find on it says it only happens to young kids under the age of 5. well im allmost 21, i was told by them to set up a surgery appointment asap, so i did i go in on the 16th of september to i guess get it removed, i was wondering if this could be a cause of TC, or could it end up causing TC, and whats the risk of me goin steral after they cut into me.

    thanks for you guys help

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    The following site may provide some useful information for you. I don't know enough about hydroceles to fully comment on your particular questions, but I'm fairly positive that a hyrocele isn't a precursor to testicular cancer. Best of luck.

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