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Painful lump found in scrotum

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  • Painful lump found in scrotum

    Hey guys.

    Im a 19yr and Ive been reading around on some sites and i started to get kinda worried..

    About 2 weeks ago i noticed a large lump inside my the weird part is, it loooks like it comes from somewhere where my pubic hair starts. the lump can be felt from the scrotum or it can been seen by a lump under the skin to the left side of my penis and almost to the bottom of my waist line. Some times the lump isnt there or it isnt swelled. But at other times it becomes larger and sometimes painful. A few times it became larger than my lefttesticle and really hard and if i put a little pressure on it it sent a pain from that lump clear up into my abdomenand the lump only stays in my left scrotum. what is weird about 3 years ago i had this problem but my doctor sent me to a specialist and they really didnt say nothing on it....just monitor if it comes backor becomes larger, after that if seemed to go away. well it came back 3 years later. Sometimes its nothing to bother me. but when it becomes bigger and harder its painful and makes it hard to sit comfortably

    Any advice on what this could be would help greatly

    Thanks Erik

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    hi erik please donot wait its always best to get your self reevaluated. go to another doctor request a urologist or just go into emergency and tell them that you have a pianful mass in your scrotum. i urge u to do this soon and remember tc is highly curable but we have to get to it fast. All the best take care niro