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A bit worried

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  • Teri
    Guest replied
    Hey, Matt,

    You are probably right, in that it is probably not cancer, but it is still a good idea to have a doctor check it out just to make sure you don't have some other problem that might require treatment.

    It doesn't sound like anything to worry about, but only a doctor can tell you that for sure.

    I would say that if you continue to feel what you are describing you should "bite the bullet" and make an appointment with the doc.

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  • unknown_teen
    started a topic A bit worried

    A bit worried

    This is probably nothing, but over the past.. 2 days or so, I've had a very small pain in my left testicle. I think, its because of how ive been sitting/lying, and Ive watched how i just plonk myself on the seat, and it does put pressure on my left ball in particular.

    Anyway, this pain is nothing severe.. but you know it's there. I had a good feel around of both of my testicles, and I noticed something, on the top.. back of my left one. It wasn't hard, and is hard to relocate again, but seemed squiggy. I think maybe, it was the tube thingys, and maybe I've got a problem with them, but am just a bit worried - I'm 16 btw. It almost feels, like there is a small lump.. very very small, like, part of a tube is moving around at the top.. it doesn't seem to be attached to the actual testicle, which is making me think its a tube. Im a bit reluctant to go to the doctor, as It's more than likely nothing and I've been worrying myself.. it's not severe pain, and I don't have any hard lumps or anything.. just feels like im feeling a tube, but im unsure. Any ideas?

    Edit: I just felt around them, all completely.. and i feel nothing now.. I dunno what it is, think maybe I just felt the tubes? But i still have this very weak pain, like, maybe i just hurt them with the way I was sitting? as they do get squashed with how I sat for a day or two :P

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