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    hi everyone

    well here goes when i was 14 years old i came up with the flu but this was different my left testical was staring to hurt really bad an was swelling up, it hurt even more when i stood up it felt like it was being wieght down like something was pulling on it then all of a sudden it felt like i ripped a musicle in my left leg close to the scrodum an it was very diffical to walk this lasted for a while i dont know how long. it ended when the testical stop swelling and started to shrink down till there wasnt anything there. an now an then throught the years i'll get weird feelings in my left leg an sometimes sharp pains in my crouch area.

    im 20 years old by friday just to let you know
    any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Hi, there,

    Maybe a hernia?? I really do not know. I do know that if you have any symptoms that concern you you are best off seeing a doctor. I suppose another possibility is an infection that caused the lymph nodes in your groin to swell.

    I wouldn't worry about any of this being a symptom of cancer when it was so long ago, but if you are still having occasional pain it would probably be a good idea to have it checked out.

    Good luck,