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Lumps and other stuff?

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  • Don
    It could be some sort of a cyst or calcium deposit flaoting around in the sack. Seeing that you have an undesended testicle and having some other small problems, you should really going to get a check up. Just to be on the safe side . DON

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  • space611
    started a topic Lumps and other stuff?

    Lumps and other stuff?

    Hi to all.....As long as I could remember I had a big fluid filled sack around my left testicle that comes and goes also sometimes it hurts but most of the time it don‘t and I have no clue what that is .Once when I was younger I was kicked in the genitals and I think this is when the fluid filled sack started happening but I’m not sure.
    My mother told me that I had a undecending testicle which I don’t know if it matters in this case. Also I just found a lump which is not connect to the testicle but it seems to be floating around . One min its on the bottom of my sack and the other it is on top and sometimes it is not even there It is a painless lump. I was just wondering if anyone knew what these things are or if anyone is going through the same thing. Thanks……
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