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  • Hard Small Lump

    33 years old

    On the 24th of Sept, I was showering and accidently found a small hard lump on my right testicle. It is perhaps the size of a bb, mostly painless, and definately on the Testicle itself. No other symptoms . I went to the GP Dr. on the 26th, he confirmed that the lump is on the testicle, immediately referred me to a Urologist, but told me not to worry as it could be several conditions. He said that if it were TC then they could just cut out the Testicle and I would be ok, since it is such a small lump.....

    I am having my US tomorrow at 11 and meeting with the Urologist at 3. I am preparing myself for bad news, but the thing is that I was just at the Dr in August for a physical and they found nothing when doing the Testicular exax.

    Anyone elses TC start with a small bb sized hard lump that came out of no where?. Just cant image that it is anything else, unless it is a cyst or calcium....just reading up before a pleasant day of testing..

    thoughts or similar experiences

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    thats how i found mine and mine was the same, the size of a bb. And oddly i had a pyhsical the month prior as well. The US is no big deal actualy if ya get a good looking nurse like i did its nice. but i digress... I wish you the best of luck you will be fine either way and this site is great you can find just about anything ya need to know on here. Let me know if there is anything i can do.
    found lump on rt testical 7/15/05
    saw Dr. on 7/18/05
    ultrasound on 7/25/05
    Diagnosed with tc on 7/26/05
    orch on 7/26/05
    pathology showed embryonal cell carcinoma 8/05/05
    RPLND schedualed for 9/7/05