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2 lumps?

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  • 2 lumps?

    Hello new here just had a couple questions before my US later this week. Heres my story found a small lump in right teste about a month ago, when I say small I mean I can't barely feel it myself when my scrotum isn't relaxed. Went to my doctor a few days after I found the lump and he reffered me to a urologist who examined me and told me it was a cyst when I asked him how he could be sure he said cancer doesn't feel like that. So I took his word and left it's been over 3 weeks since my visit and the lump hasn't changed in size or shape at all. What started to make me worry again was now another small lump has appeared on the same teste this one is almost on the epidemys and is a bit smaller than the first. Both lumps are fleshy and not that firm but they are attached to the teste. My question is if this was cancer wouldn't the first lump I noticed have gotten bigger by now its been a month and it seems like if it was cancer it would be 1 lump not 2. Anyway I'm gonna get a US later this week to be sure. Oh yeah by the way the lumps are not that close to each other 1 is almost on the epidemys while the other is further down but still close the the epidemys testicle isn't swollen or getting harder either.

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    We can't be sure until the ultrasound, which should tell you what's going on.
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