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  • What is next?

    I saw my Doctor yesterday and he is referring me to a Uroligist for a "cyst-like mass" he found external to my right testicle. Well, I found it first, so I have all rights to it. Anyway, that was Friday and the referral may take several days or weeks to go through. Our health insurance is with the Kaiser Medical foundation in California. He suggested that I call the appointment phone line on Monday and start asking for cancellations. I am concerned about the early detection advantage being delayed with waiting for an opening. Any advice??? I read somewhere where a person went to the ER to speed up the process.

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    Here Is The Answer...

    I took the day off and got an appointment with another Doctor. This Doctor said the "cyst" is scar tissue from the vasectomy I got 3 years ago. So, needless to say, that was a big relief. His nurse was very nice and made arrangements to move up my referral to the Urologist. This Doctor said it would be a good idea to keep the appointment and that he will probably do an ultrasound and send me on my way.