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need some opinions before I see the Doc

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  • need some opinions before I see the Doc

    Hi, need some opinions before I see the Doc.

    I’m Caucasian 25 years old, noticed a lump on my testical about a year ago or longer. However I’ve recently become more conscience of the lump after doing some research. It’s about the size of a small pea, hasn’t grown or decreased in size for at least a year, not painful, not moveable.

    The lump is hard and smooth located inside my right testical near the epididymal top area. Definitely feels to be inside the testical. What do you think? TC or a cyst? Or something else? Seems I might fit into both possible categories.

    Also, should I go strait to an Urologist or start with a physician for check up?

    Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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    If possible, I'd go straight to a urologist. Your GP will probably end up sending you there anyway. I can't really say what the lump might be. Go to the doctor and get it checked. If it is TC the sooner you find out the better. If it's not TC then you can stop worrying.

    Good luck, let us know what happens.

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