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  • Veins

    I was just wondering if the veins that wrap around the testicles can harden giving the illusion that there is a lump. What I am feeling is at the end of a vein but feels harder than the rest of it. Any ideas of what this could be?

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    hi. i actually have the same thing. the head of the epididymis, or at least it feels like the head and not a separate mass, on righty is hard and quite larger than lefty. been like that for over a year. it's a constant ache, and actually, if i squeeze it, i get a nice sharp pain. if it was a cancerous lump, squeezing it wouldn't hurt, would it?

    that leads me to my next thing: up until i started browsing this forum (thanks for that btw), i had always read that if its in/on/next to the epididymis, it's 99.9999% not cancer. then i read a couple of stories on here that say otherwise.

    so, while i have what you may consider a couple other potential symptoms, like slight man-boobs and the occasional shortness of breath, i'm fairly certain that they're due to my being, well, chubby.

    anyhoo, kubrick, i hope someone can pipe in with some info. and yes yes, i'm going to make a doctor's appointment.