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    Ive had a small hard nodule less than the size of a grain of rice attached to my top left testicle for about 2 1/2 or 3 years now,i got it checked out and the doctor told me not to worry and that it may be scar tissue from a tick that bit me directly on my testicle when i was young. That seems kinda strange now and but ive monitor the bump since then. Im 17 now and have recently noticed the lump possibly growing im not quite too sure it feels about 15% larger than what it previously was, but my left testicle has felt sore this entire weekend and last night it swelled up and became very hard to the touch. Is this possibly because i was irritatiing the testicle checking the nodule? I am bit of a hypocondriac and have repeatedly checked the testicle to check the texture of the bump. Ive talked to my parents they told me theyd make an appointment tomorrow. Am i overreacting or should i be getting this checked out? I had a physical 2 months ago and at the time forgot to even mention the bump, but he did tell me that he wanted me to come back because i had a small amount of protien in my urine. Could this also relate?

    Thank you for your responses

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    The good thing is that your staying on top of your health. It's better to be a hypocondriac and keeping getting clean bills of health than to ignore it and end up with TC!!! You may consider getting checked by another DR as I have never heard of the TICK BITE diagnosis before. Possibly a calcium deposit??? Good Luck!!!!!! DON
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