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    I found a small lump (smaller than a BB) on mi right testicle in july and i went to teh urologist to mi dr who told me prlly nuttin to worry about and sent me to a urologist. The urologist jus felt both and said that it seemed normal and i was fine. At the time i was also experiencing discomfort in mi thigh and groin which worried me, but i was only a few weeks out of knee surgery as well. It feels like i have an enlarged lymph node in mi groin area (dnt kno if i should worry about that). Since mi visit the lump hasnt rlly gotten bigger or ne smaller. It feels like i can shift it jus a lil bit, but hard to tell. The leg discomfort went away but is now returning and i am beginning to have back discomfort. Its only on and off and none of the pain is bad and hte lump is only like 2-3 mm. should i worry even tho a dr already told me im fine?

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    I would ask the Dr. if he would schedule an ultra sound. Your probably are ok but it never hurts to be checked out.
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