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  • Lump

    Hi here, 20 years old.

    Up until about 6 months ago I examined myself often in the shower, finding nothing. But about an hour ago I happened to feel a lump behind/at the side of my right testicle. Upon closer inspection it feels detached from the testicle, and may even be the epididymis but I can't tell on both of those. It's quite hard and I'd say just bigger than pea size, and is not tender when touched.

    Recently I have felt pain on occasion, but only maybe twice a month, and usually happens if I am sat and leaning forward, but can happen while I'm simply walking. While typing this I almost said 'abdominal pain', but I think that's wrong, instead occurring in the pubic hair region. I don't know if that's actually the groin. Either way, it sort of feels like something stinging inside, and I always associated that feeling with infection.

    One more thing, can poor diet affect the chances of infection? Since starting uni my diet has been horrendous (a mixture of junk food, then barely any food, alcohol, no exercise etc). I'm sure I've carried out quick/half hearted checks while at uni (6 months or so ago was the last 'proper' attempt) and this lump has seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

    I think I'll have it checked out regardless when I go home (at university currently), which may not be until the Christmas period.

    What does it sound like to you guys? Thanks alot.

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    Hi Jeriko,

    There should be a clinic on campus of the university so you can get checked now!!!!! If you wait and there is a problem- the longer you wait the harder the problem is to cure-- The longer the problem takes to cure the more expensive it is(not that you can put a price on your Health). As far a diet affect the risk of infection" you are what you eat" - so yes it can affect you.

    It could very well be an infection that will be easily cured with a few weeks of medication. The fact that the bump is not attached to the testicle iis wonderful news but have yourself checked ASAP just to be on the safe side and to give yourself piece of mind!!! Good Luck!!!!! DON
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