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3 big lumps-1cm each !!!

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  • 3 big lumps-1cm each !!!

    Hi Rob here from Sydney Australia
    new unfortunately! Im an engineer and like statistics so my questions are a bit "scientific"

    Ok here goes-

    Last week felt a hard surface (lump) in my R testicle. I may have felt it 3 months ago.-subliminally
    Painless and no swelling(?). It seems to be same size as it was a year ago say.

    Today had Ultrasound and found 3 testicular tumours about 1cm diam each inside my R testicle also the occasional "white" calcification(?) matchhead size.
    L testicle is normal.
    The Ultrasonographers didnt look happy - but hummed and ahhhed non commitedley.
    I see the urologist on Thurs.

    The tumours are almost round well defined but are hyperechoic ie there is some slight speckle (not as bright as main tissue) and blood flow in one at least(CFDoppler) suggesting solid tumours.??
    At first I thought they were just 'black' fluid cysts until the gain was turned up! :-(

    Im 55, 82kgs(180lbs-slightly overweight), white, English
    I feel 100% fit- no odd feelings or sweats etc etc- no other health probs.
    Dont smoke. drink a little beer- Get bad hangovers!!
    Did 6 hours running last week and felt great.(normal)

    The blood tests are normal. (LD=198, BHCG=<1, AFP=4.4)

    I had Peyronies Disease 5 years ago (small nodules in penis) which cleared up spectacularly with Vit E

    Drugs:- Vit E 500mgs, Tritace2.5mg/day (slightly high blood pressure
    Calgout slightly high uric acid

    Doc suggested blood tests might be false negatives.
    Doc suggested it could be lymphoma!
    Doc and i felt for lumps all over my body(lymphs)-found none.

    Q1. What is probability that tumours are benign ?

    Q2. What is the probability this is lymphoma?

    Q3. If Lymphoma do I need additional blood tests

    Q4. What is probability this is TC?

    Q5. Should I agree to surgery straight away if urologist suggests it or can I leave it say a week.(for 2nd opinion)

    Q6. Whats a 'long' time to wait with TC?

    Q7. If Ive had TC for 3 months or longer wouldnt I have had other symptoms? - or isnt 3,months a long time?

    Q8. Why are blood tests negative if I have TC?

    Q9. Could trauma cause this?
    When I run my bum bag slightly bangs against my testicle sometimes.
    I run 2-3hours/week.

    Q10. If it was trauma would it be benign?

    Q11. If it was lymphoma would my testicle tumours be benign?

    Q12.If it was lymphoma would my blood tests be normal?

    Sorry thats lots of Qs but im on a really steep learning curve here. Strangely enough I dont feel particularly worried - other people are!

    Any other comments greatfully received

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    Hey Rob:

    Sounds like you've had a stressful couple of weeks.

    I'll try to answer most of your questions, but if you haven't checked out this site you should take a look.

    Statistically, about 95% of solid tumors in the testis are TC.
    Lymphoma is not nearly as common in the testis, but I don't know the odds on it.
    Again statistically speaking, at you age, seminoma is more common and seminoma frequently produces no markers in the blood. I had no markers with my seminoma in 2003 (Actually I had no markers with embryonal cell, teratoma, seminoma mix in 1988 either)
    There are some other solid tumors of the testis, the remaining 5%, but regardless, you've basically got to have the testis taken out so you can find out for sure what it is. Obviously the lumps don't belong there.
    My personal opinion is get it out as soon as possible, waiting another week for a second opinion is not excessively long, but you said you think you might have had the lump for 3 months already. I'm not trying to scare you, but it can be easy to keep putting things off, so don't wait too much longer. Unfortunately with TC by the time systemic symptoms show up the disease can be widespread and more complicated to treat.
    I hope this was helpful. Hang in there. If it does turn out to be TC, you have an excellent chance of a complete cure. Let us know what happens.

    Best wishes,

    Right I/O 4/22/1988
    RPLND 6/20/1988
    Left I/O 9/17/2003

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