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Cyst, or something worse?

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  • Don
    IF your having doubts of your first doctor diagnosis then you really should seek out a second opinion!!! A doctors visit is not very expensive and at least it will give you piece of mind. DON

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  • jason26
    started a topic Cyst, or something worse?

    Cyst, or something worse?

    Hi everyone. I have a large jelly-bean size mass on my right testicle. It seems to have grown a little over the last several years. I had it looked a few years ago and was advised by an oncologist that it was only a cyst and was not a problem. It seems to move around a little to the touch, but doesn't seem to be disconnected from the testicle. Also it is not hard like a marble. I get the sense that I could squeeze it really hard but it would definitely hurt to do that. It will occasionally mildly ache. Does anyone have any thoughts whether this could really be a cyst or something more serious. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.