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  • lump

    well last january i found a small lump on my right testicle right next to the epitysdemis(sp)? its on the top but a little on the right side but right next to the epitysdemis. i was scared to tell my parents and i waited and about a month after the lump actually disappeared its now a year later almost and it reappered its tender to the touch like last time also and is in pretty much the same spot i told my mom and dad they said to wait a few days and if it doesnt go away or shrink then were makeing an appointment. if it helps to know my lower back sumtimes has stiffness in the mornign it has for a long time tho and it may be because i dont stand straight at all and also when i masterbate(sorry to say) i dont always ejaculate i usually hold it in idk if that could cause anything but since the lumps right next to the epitydemis i thought it might need to be said. im also 15 years old
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    Hi mrcrowley.

    First, at your age TC is very very rare, so don't worry too much.

    Second, go se a doctor (pref. an urologist) and if there is any visible doubt in his face, ask for a ultrasound scan.

    Third, let the fluids out, it's not ment to stay inside. Won't give you cancer though. (The things we do to keep the sheets spotless..... and it does come out later on anyway, when you sleep )

    It would be nice to know what your doctor says.

    Best wishes
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      turns out its a cyst i went for a ultrasound today. im goign to the urologist tomorrow to see what to do about the cyst im real releived it isnt cancer tho
      do cysts need to be remeoved or can medicine do the job?


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        well i saw a urologist yesterday he said that the cyst was so small he probabbly wouldnt have found it on a normal check up he said that its right were the testicle and epitydemis meet. he said that i should come back in a month and if its change at all well go from there should i be realived of the cancer worry or is a cyst really nothing to worry about?


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          It probably really is nothing to worry about. Let us know how your follow-up visit goes. Good luck!
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            the report fromt he ultra sound said i had small cyst next to the epitydemis 5 mm idk if thats big or not for a cyst but since the doctor said it was right next to my epiydemis would that cut down my amount of sperm bc i dont ejaculate as much it seems like or is that just stress or sumthing? and also do these cysts eventually go away like mine seemed to have before or do they jsut shrink and keep comign back