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  • alot of questions...

    First off I will say that I am 20 years old. About a year ago I had some pain around my left testical. Not severe pain, but unsettleing. I noticed that the tube that connects to the testical seemed slightly enlarged. It also feels like it's longer than it's suppossed to be an "unravelled" or something. The pain lasted for two days and then I never really felt anything for a few months. I started to get the odd little bit of discomfort in that region for maybe a few times a day once every few months or so, not often at all. I have been feeling the area quite often to check to see if it has gotten any bigger. It doesn't seem like it has as far as I can tell. But it seems to me like there is a bit of a lump, about the size of a pea halfway on the "tube" and on the testical itself. The lump does not feel all that hard really. I should also note that I rarely get any pain from this site in the last 6-7 months. I feel completely normal and it doesn't affect my life other than me thinking about it sometimes. Any chance that the "lump" is just a cyst? And what about the enlarged "tube"? Thanks people.

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    Hi, guy,

    In all likelihood the "lump" you feel between the tube and the testicle is just normal anatomy, and the "enlargement" of the tube could be something like an inflamation or other non-cancerous condition.

    But since we can't feel what you're feeling, and are not doctors, the best idea is to see a doctor, describe what you've told us and let him or her decide whether there's anything to be concerned about. There are non-cancerous conditions that still would benefit from treatment. At least, you will be completely reassured as to what feels "normal" for you and you will therefore be more able to determine whether anything has changed during the monthly self-exams.

    Good luck, post back if you have any more questions.